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Hi everyone! Wow, it's been forever and a day since I've done one of these things hasn't it? Welp, guess I should update about how things are going in my part of the world.

Almost done with community college: thank goodness!!!

Completed a few stories on (…) like Good Girl: Rewrite (Naruto), Marie Rogue: The Philosopher's Stone, The Chamber of Secrets (The Prisoner of Azkaban is in progress) (Harry Potter), Bridgette Smith: The Girl Who Can't Be Moved, The Ricochet  (Avengers) and third installment, Faux Pas although honestly I'm seriously considering scrapping it because I just can't get the story rolling like the first two :/ .

I'm also seriously working on an original piece of writing: The Steam King</i>. Yes, I'm about to do a little story promo.

Summary: Money in the form of coins.Otherworldly creatures roam the lands, for better or worse. A young heroine who dares to set out to find the witch who cast the spell on the prince, true heir to the Steam Kingdom. A kitchen girl of no particular skill, smithy talent or family line. Anabee Bauble, a nobody, will have to face darkness and an insatiable greed to save her prince and kingdom.

The story is set up in a realm of my creation: Terra. I've already posted pictures of Anabee and some of Tane (not yet mentioned in the story, currently working on chapter three) as a bit of a preview. Influenced by some steam punk styling, especially apparent in the Steam Kingdom. Anabee Bauble, a kitchen girl in the castle who doesn't quite fit the mold. Almost, but not the right fit. She's an all right kitchen girl and does her best, but she's nothing spectacular. Not a smithy by any means, even though she tries her hand at the trade and manages one successful piece in her whole 'career' of trying to blacksmith or metal craft.
There's a darkness creeping through Terra, pulling many under and snuffing out life like candle light. It's not natural and it's showing no signs of slowing down. When the King and Prince fall, no one dares to move forward. Calling up all of her courage, Anabee dares to go past the gates of the kingdom and brave the rest of Terra. To find answers, to save her prince and kingdom. A girl like her, what can she do?

Only her best.…

So, I hope to hear some feedback or interest because, as always, I do love sharing my work with you all! :)



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